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What is origin hockey?
Origin hockey provides on-ice hockey skill development, character building & quality mentorship by experienced players

Who we are

Origin Hockey was founded by former professional hockey player Jordan Owens with the aim to help players develop the skills they need to succeed on and off the ice.

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al hockey players at Detroit Redwings camp

What we do

  • hockey skill development
  • power skating
  • video analysis of your game footage
  • mentorship from professional players
  • recruitment & highlight videos
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Player Development Services

Hockey skill development

We offer skill development sessions & hockey camps for all ages and levels of play. From minor hockey players learning to shoot & pass, to pro players, and even beer league players looking to have some fun and get in shape. Origin Hockey has on-ice sessions for you.

Mentorship from PRO players

We believe mentorship is the most underrated aspect of a players development. A main factor in growing inside and outside of the game is learning from the insights and experiences of players that have been there before.

Power skating & edge control

"It is the roots which give a tree strength, not its branches" - silky hands are worthless if you can't get up and down the ice, protect the puck in corners, or create separation from opponents. We strive to help players feel comfortable on their skates in uncomfortable situations, helping them get the most out of each stride.

Video analysis of your game footage

We provide feedback on your game footage and help you understand your strengths as well as areas that you can improve. Players can expect an increase in Hockey IQ, improved situational awareness and decision making on the ice.
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We create recruitment & highlight reel videos

Have your game footage turned into a highlight reel for potential teams or social media!

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